Connect to sales channels

Using Find The Twenty, you can connect with popular sales channels in order to update your inventory, stock levels and pricing. This will enable you to reach as large a consumer audience as possible to maximise your sales and generate more revenue.

Adaptive data feeds

Find The Twenty enables you to adapt your product data feeds directly into the required format of your chosen sales channel(s).
Adaptations are applied through Find The Twenty meaning that you can continue to use the same data feed for multiple channels without having to produce separate feeds per channel.

  • Your data feed is downloaded by
    Find The Twenty
  • The data is then adapted to work with selected sales channels
  • Data is uploaded to sales channel providers such as those below

Never miss an update with automated scheduled updates. For your convenience and time-saving, Find The Twenty can be scheduled to perfom the entire process that suits you.

Custom Rules

Within Find The Twenty you have the option of creating custom rules which enable you to have even more control of the data sent to channels.

You can set rules that will perform tasks such as increasing or decreasing values given specific criteria, find keywords and replace them with new and even include custom fields that can transform one data field into something new.

Some of the available sales channels

Google Shopping
Trade Tracker
Find The Twenty Report Screen

Tracking, Reporting & Analysis

Using Find The Twenty's tracking technology, you can keep track of your sales from each active sales channel.

Cookie Freezing

Why should you have to pay some unknown affiliate a percentage of your sales simply because – at checkout – the customer went to look for a voucher code (for example)? Find The Twenty has proprietary "cookie freeze" functionality to prevent dissociated affiliate marketing from attaining unjust commission.

When customers reach checkout, cookies are "frozen" in place, which prevents other affiliates from tracking the sale and claiming they had direct involvement in the sale itself.

You keep the full price of sales and profits

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