Find The Twenty Cookies Policy

Effective Date of Current Policy: May 15th, 2018

A Guide to Cookies Cookies are tiny files that are located on your computer’s hard drive when you visit Find The Twenty’s site or the site of one of our clients. Cookies allow the Find The Twenty server to recognize your browser on any occasion that you interact with the Find The Twenty site or one of our client sites powered by us.

To use Find The Twenty Website We use cookies to improve our sites functionality and to recognize when users return to our site after previously visiting, the cookies collect information about how the user interacts and navigates around the pages.

The information that cookies gather is not personal identifiable information, and any information entered is not stored or shared with third parties. You are entitled to disable cookies at any point although by doing so the features of the service will be greatly compromised or may not work at all. By agreeing to accept cookies from Find The Twenty or one of our clients sites the following cookies may be placed on your computer.

The cookies we use are analytics ID which is a cookie used to measure website traffic and activity and a WSID cookie which analyses your web session ID.

Cookies that are used for clients using Find The Twenty Services These cookies work in a slightly different way. The cookie that is used to manage sales channels is a MSID cookie and this may be placed on the client’s computer.

Again this cookie does not store personal identifiable information, the information that it collects is information about a session such as date and time it happened, ID that ties into MSID, product ID and retail shop.

If the sale goes ahead then we store member sales, order ID, Date & time, product information, total order value and the sales channel that it was connected to for example Google, Amazon etc.

We only use this information to track and manage sales and no information that we collect is shared with a third party. The cookie duration is 30 days and after this period the data is no longer stored.

For further information about cookies, how to manage them and how they are used please visit

If you wish to contact the team for any more information please do so at

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